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Some of your Questions:

Here are some of the questions frequently asked by our users


Our typical process for recipes is often something like this:

  1. See an idea that gets us excited – cookbook, friend’s lunch, or something on the menu at a restaurant.
  2. Look at the ingredient list or research the techniques if necessary, like googling “best cut of meat for carnitas”.
  3. Make the dish on our own, not following any particular recipe, writing down our own notes as we go to make our own recipe.

Q. What do I need to consider when uploading a recipe?

Please only upload your very own original recipes. It’s not allowed to upload a recipe from another person, website, or other source. If your recipe is inspired by another one, feel free to share this in the ‘Chef’s Note’ at the end of the recipe.

Q. Are there any restrictions for taking or uploading photos?

You’re only allowed to upload your own photos. Pictures that have been copied from the internet, or photographed from a cookbook may not be used. Pictures are displayed in portrait format in the app and in landscape format on internet browsers. Therefore it’s best to take photos with your dish in the center of the image. Make sure to not take close-up photos or in square format. You can move and choose the display detail of your photos, but it’s not possible to edit them with filters (yet).

Q. Can I upload a recipe directly while cooking?

Yes, you can start a recipe directly while cooking. Take photos or videos with our built-in camera function. If you can’t or don’t want to enter all information while cooking, your recipe will be saved as a draft. This way, you can continue and finish the upload later.

Q. How many recipes can I upload?

There’s no maximum of published recipes – you can upload as many as you want. 

Q. Can I edit recipes after they are published?

No, as soon as a recipe is published, you can’t edit it anymore.

Q. How long are my recipes, photos, and videos being saved?

You recipes will remain online for an indefinite time, unless you request for them to be deleted.

Q. Does Simply Chef Stories use my recipes, photos, or videos on any other platforms?

The rights to your recipes, photos, and videos belong to you. But we’d love to share highlights of our community recipes on social platforms. If this is the case with one of your recipes, we’ll send you an email and ask for permission first.